Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Tea and Cookies

It is the middle of winter and whenever I'm not out running errands (= Starbucks latte), I find myself drinking tea at home every afternoon. And more often than not there has been a cute cookie on the saucer. For Valentine's Day, Trader Joe's is selling these raspberry shortbread hearts. They are small, festive and delicious.

This teacup is a pattern called Black Toast by Emma Bridgewater. Are you familiar with it? I love it. My mom has a collection too and we share pieces back and forth. Right now I have the teapot, creamer, sugar and 2 cup & saucers on display and ready for tea on a black cart in my family room. I get to see it every day and it is what prompted me to pick up this cup and try a new tea.

My friend Amanda introduced me to a new company called Sips By. It is a tea subscription service that sends customized tea choices to you each month. I received it from her as a gift and I really loved getting new teas to try each month. When you subscribe, you complete a survey about your tastes and preferences and that helps the company build your selections each month. I've really had fun with it and have received some beautiful loose leaf teas.

Are you a tea drinker? Do you have a favorite cup and saucer?

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