Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Simple Goodness Sisters: Small Batch Syrups make Delightful Drinks

If I was able to put together this table at a GardenComm "Color in the Garden" event, then you know I'm well and fine. I've been away caring for my mom, but things are much better now and I'm happy to be able to backpedal a little and fill you in with the moments of delight that have happened while I've been away.

I want to highlight a lovely small batch syrup brand called Simply Goodness Sisters. They craft "garden-to-glass inspired syrups on our 10 acre cocktail farm in Buckley, Washington." Do you love it? I do! 

This lovely woman-owned company donated some of their luscious syrups to create botanical drinks to support a GardenComm event we hosted called "Color in the Garden." They sent us: Rhubarb Vanilla, Blueberry Lavender and Lemon Herb to combine with sparkling water to refresh everyone on a blazing August afternoon. We topped our drinks with edible flowers like nasturtiums and pansies and then offered blueberries, mint and herbs if attendees wanted to experiment even more. 

What I loved the most was the enthusiasm for the product. We had plenty of opportunities for them to try all 3 and they did! The ladies talked and drank and adorned their glasses over and over. It was a success x10. And the interestingly, they seemed to like all 3 equally. They were drawn to the Rhubarb Vanilla first. Then Blueberry Lavender. Then Lemon Herb. But they enjoyed them all and they were excited to hear that the company owns and operates a Soda Shop in Wilkeson, WA that make everything from milkshakes to mixed drinks. Sisters' Choice and it sounds delightful. Personally, I know I need to take a field trip. They are open through mid-December and then close until Spring. 

Thank you, Simply Goodness Sisters! 

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