Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bella Cucina

I have always been drawn to Bella Cucina products because of their beautiful packaging. I love the shape of their glass jars (with fancy paper lids) and coupled with a cherry wood spoon, they are the perfect hostess gift. You can shop for Bella Cucina online and in boutique shops across America.
I particularly like Bella Cucina's Meyer Lemon spread and Artichoke Lemon pesto.
So imagine my surprise when I was shopping a neighborhood in Atlanta (The Highlands) and saw the Bella Cucina store. I had stumbled upon the only retail location for the company!

It was gorgeous. Completely true to the design aesthetic of the company and I had a hard time tearing myself away. They had beautiful pesto cheese tortes to sample (yum!) and a darling salesgirl that really knew the product. Such a lovely place to shop. What did I buy? Well, among other things, I bought a Bella Cucina espresso cup. I have been drinking a shot of pomegranate juice every day and I thought a pretty Italian cup was the perfect vessel for it. Salute!


Garage Door Repair said...

Great blog post....

MmeBenaut said...

Pomegranate juice? I've seen it mixed with cranberry juice. Perhaps it improves the flavour. :)

Alisa Barry said...

HI Anne,

so glad you stopped by and loved the store.
love your blog!

buon appetito!