Monday, April 20, 2009

Azaleas and Architecture

It is "Historic Garden Week" in Virginia and boy do I wish that I could be there. Sponsored by the Garden Club of Virginia (an association of 47 garden clubs around the state), this year marks their 76th anniversary season. In addition to more than three dozen garden tours, visitors can also enjoy flower arranging demonstrations, cello duets and floral quilt displays. I am completely jealous!

I visited the University of Virginia for the first time last May and the campus is beautiful. "The Rotunda" (shown above) was designed by Thomas Jefferson to represent the "authority of nature and power of reason." Participants will meet on the steps of The Rotunda this week for a guided tour of the gardens.

Azaleas and Architecture?
Hmmm...guess where I want to go next April!

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barb velasco said...

Garden week in C'ville is amazing. They do tours of the historical homes and also homes of avid gardeners. It was a wonderful way to spend a weekend. I wore a sundress and floppy hat and felt like a true southern belle. It was a wonderful experience. We got tons of gardening ideas. We were amazed at what people did with their spaces, big and small. I highly recommend going sometime.