Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Travel Notes

My big trip to Paris for cooking school is next month and my dear friend Polly looked at me recently and said, "I am very concerned that you will forget to tell me everything."

Problem solved! I found the prettiest pocket notebooks ever at a Borders bookstore yesterday.

A set of 2 Moleskine Volant blank journals in the very "ANA" shades of raspberry and pink. Now I have a place to jot down the names of flea market vendors, the olive oil I must buy and the street corner with the best crepe cart, all while I am on the go!

Don't worry, Polly, I promise to remember everything.


LillyB said...

Great idea! Write it all down, even one sentence will remind you of an event,then you can go back and fill in the blanks later if you need to!! I used that trick when I was in law enforcement and had to do thousands of reports... I also had a mini tape recorder. I am so excited about your trip to Paris!! I know you will have a wonderful time!!
Love Lilly

MmeBenaut said...

I'm excited for you too. I'm going to be living vicariously in Paris. If you learn how to break an egg with one hand, you'll have to pass on the method!

Bettina said...

I love Moleskin notebooks. They're so pretty and a very good quality. I like your pink ones. All mine are black. I also have the Moleskin Paris City Notebook, and it goes with me everytime I'm in Paris.

Anne Reeves said...

Hmmm...a Moleskin Paris City Notebook - I don't have one of those!