Thursday, April 22, 2010

Button It

When you are known for "making things," people will give you the coolest stuff! When my best friend, Kim, first moved into her house, she found scores of loose buttons in the basement. Years later, when she saw me working on this button necklace she dropped off at least a hundred old buttons. Do you see what I see in this photograph? I am thinking that this will become a gorgeous necklace for Fall.

Picture me touring a college campus with my nephew (he'll be a freshman in the Fall!), wearing a white dress shirt, Glen plaid pants, a navy sweater and the button necklace that we are both imagining.

Thanks, Kim!


Kimmers said...

Hey! Cool! I'm famous!
Well, I am sure you can do something beautiful with them rather than having them sit in a basket in my basement! Can't wait to see it!

MmeBenaut said...

I love buttons and I have a box full of them just in case I decide to become industrious one day. I'm not creative like you though Anne so perhaps I should donate my buttons to someone who is.