Monday, April 26, 2010

Gone to Seed: Botanical Interests Seed Packets turned Cute Accessory

I am ruled by the garden. I keep going out onto the patio to check on the roses (healthy and leafing, but essentially green sticks with potential). The peonies are nothing but 6 inch high tufts. I imagine bouquets, but I only have dirt. The weather is too dicey to plant annuals yet, so I did the only thing I could think of to soothe the gardener in me. I planted seeds.

I have always loved the packaging of Botanical Interests and now that I have planted the seeds in pots on my patio, I am going to try to make a business card case out of the empty packets. Seriously. If it works, I promise to show you.

Either way, I am sure to have columbine, Icelandic poppies and nasturtiums brightening my bouquets by July. Hooray!

*It worked! The cases are just darling and they are a wonderful conversation piece every time I pull one out of my purse.

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