Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Honey Lavender Cupcake

Holidays are a strong magnet pulling my friends home to see their parents. The bonus is that I get to see them too!

Last year, my friend Barb moved to a neighboring state. When I heard she was coming home for Easter (and was free to visit on Good Friday), we arranged our schedules so that we could see each other.

It was her genius idea to go to "The Cupcake Station." Barb (and her darling 6-year-old) arrived before me and when I walked in, I was greeted with "I've already ordered. You're having the Honey Lavender's so you."

How great is that? When a friend knows you well enough to order your cupcake. And she was right, of course. It was delicious and of all the glorious choices, I would have picked that one for sure.

We talked and laughed and ate our frosting masterpieces (yes, those are dried lavender buds sprinkled on top!). She gave me ideas for our upcoming trip to London and we were smiling the whole time. Thank you, Barb.

I love the holidays.

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