Friday, April 9, 2010

Lend A Hand

Cute, eh? I ran a leadership training seminar for the Junior League last week and brought cookies as a "training tool!"

My theme was "the hand" and all the ways that using your hands could support the membership and its mission.
  • Wave it in warmth & recognition
  • Give a "thumbs up" to encourage others
  • Offer it when someone needs you
  • Applaud volunteer efforts
  • Raise it when you need help

It was an excellent night and I was so happy to help these women connect and collaborate as they grow into their leadership roles.

(sigh) I love this stuff.


Kimmers said...

WHAT?! No bracelet?! No cuff?!

Just kidding. Adorable, delicious looking and what fun to eat! Makes me want to start the bad habit of nibbling fingernails. ;-)

Anne Reeves said...

I know! - I thought about a "rock candy" diamond - LOL