Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Luncheon

I hosted my mom and her sister (my aunt, Carol) for a Christmas lunch this year - doesn't the table look pretty?  The dishes were my grandmother's (their mother's) and is known as "Jewel" by Spode.

I layered a red and green plaid tablecloth (by Tag) with coordinating cloth napkins, green-handled silverware (similar to this) and used my little pale green Christmas tree as the centerpiece.

I love this little tree because it is loaded with vintage-style cooking implements.  Whisks, potato mashers, rolling pins and cookie cutters.  It is so "me" and looks perfect surrounded by a little town of green and white houses.

After soup and salad, we ended our meal with a chocolate "Home For The Holidays" cake served on a silver platter with homemade butter cream snow drifts.  So cute! 

In the hustle bustle of the holidays, nothing is better than enjoying a quiet lunch with family.  I wish you many meals like this in 2012. 

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