Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sea Glass Goddess

My friend Corinne is a Sea Glass Goddess.  The bounty you see here (carefully divided by size and color and stored in an empty organic egg carton) was found by her, one piece at a time on the shores of Oahu, Hawaii.

Sea glass makes her happy.  The quiet beach walks.  The thrill of finding a glint of color in the froth of waves and sand.  She has been making jewelry for almost a year now from these tiny treasures and her inner artist is coming out.  Her pieces of clean, beautiful jewelry speak for themselves.  And after giving her lovely necklaces and bracelets as gifts to family and friends (believe me, I am spoiled!), she is beginning to sell them.

If you love the sea, you might just need a piece of classic jewelry made by a sea glass goddess.  

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