Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The cover of "Finding Delight: Ideas and Inspiration to Enhance Everyday Life" by Anne Reeves

Tah-dah! Today I can unveil the cover of my new book, Finding Delight: Ideas and Inspiration to Enhance Everyday Life!  It is in the final stages of production and will be available for gift giving this holiday season.

Finding Delight is a 135-page soft cover modern coffee table book dedicated to the joy of finding delight in everyday life. With a full-color photograph on every page, topics include: "Living A Life of Layers," "Visual Vitamins" and "The Power of Cute."   

I believe that the best life is a varied life.  When hobbies and travel collide with friendship and collecting.  Where sugar rules and stories matter. I've been writing about Finding Delight for years and I have woven my methods and mantra into these pages. As you read, pay attention to the pages that capture your imagination. Notice how happy you can feel, simply by thinking, by remembering.  I find delight all over my life...at different times of day, in different cities and settings, with people that I love and in strangers that I meet. This is delight.

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