Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Northwest Flower and Garden Show: Save the Date Feb 22 thru 26

Mark this on your calendar: Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle, Feb 22-26. I attended last year and it was a whirl of delight. 

I also found a new tribe. In my life in Michigan, very few of my peers had gardens or practiced flower arranging. I had a huge rose garden, a cutting garden, herb pots, container gardens, you name it. I loved it every day, but I didn't have many people to talk to about it, let alone get advice.

When I attended the Northwest Flower and Garden Show Press Preview and Twitter "Tweet Up" last year, I was overwhelmed with the kindness and community that exists between garden writers. 

I entered with a long history of blogging about things that make people happy: color, sugar and flowers are my favorite topics. I make day bags that feature a Delight magazine cover. It is my imaginary magazine that I design using my photographs and article titles to create something that I would want to read. I call them Delight Totes and I carried one that featured roses to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show last year.  
My Delight Tote was a great conversation starter and it lead me to connect with some wonderful garden writers. They included me in discussions, introduced me to other writers, invited me to sit in on a Garden Writers of America meeting (loved it!) and encouraged me to jump into this world with both feet. Most of the people that I met were longtime friends with the other attendees, as a result of this country's vibrant garden industry. 

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show serves as a writing reunion of sorts, bringing like minded people together to talk about their favorite things: plants, flowers, vegetables and Mother Nature herself. 

Most of this tribe are garden writers for magazines, newspapers and their own blogs; Many had expanded their work into writing books and giving lectures on horticulture (many were speaking at this show, of course!); All of them went out of their way to make me feel welcome. 

What is interesting is that we had so very much in common (I also blog, speak to large groups, have written books and love gardening), but I am also out of my depth the minute someone refers to the Latin name of a plant. 

I think it was my Delight tote covered in flowers, that reminded everyone that we were indeed kindred spirits. I can't wait to attend the show this year and see what surprises and conversations are in store for me. Last year I was "just visiting" as I built the framework of a new life out West. Now I'm here for good and I'm ready!

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