Friday, February 24, 2017

Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2017: Surrounded by Succulents

(It was this selection at a local garden center that got me thinking about buying succulents. 
This is the bounty of the Pacific Northwest.)

I love to write about themes I notice at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Everywhere I looked this year, I saw succulents. Firm, dusty, pastel beauties adding a touch of dry elegance to everything from cakes to grand floral displays. They were for sale, of course at the many garden center booths. I was tempted!
Pine Creek Farm & Nursery (Vintage Garden Market, Booth 80) arranged a display that looked like the 50 Shade of Green! I just love how they layered old paint and new growth to make a booth you simply had to stop and admire. They had succulents tucked in small pots for sale - what a wonderful gift.

I have been planning to make myself a tabletop arrangement of succulents in a large cement bowl for my partially shaded deck. Planning is the operative word, as it snowed enough to cover the grass last night. Drat.

So all I can do is plan right now, which is why it's a perfect week to go to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show!
Fena Flowers used succulents in their prize winning floral arrangement. They gave us a "A Floral Feast" by mixing vegetables with vibrant blooms and they won First Place!
Here is a closer look at Fena Flowers' beautiful floral display. The entry featured fresh vegetables (notice the slices of purple cabbage), flowers and succulents. It is a masterpiece. My favorite part is how they arranged carrots and scallions across the top of the display and made their growth a focal point. It is witty and wonderful.
I absolutely loved how Celebrity Cake Studio in Tacoma, WA created this striking southwestern style cake featuring in edible succulents. They didn't stop at a great cake, but included edible potted succulents as well. Bravo!

Have I convinced you that succulents are everywhere at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show? I know that part of the appeal is their require low maintenance care. I was given a tiny succulent in a sweet pot last week and was told that all I need is bright light and 2 Tablespoons of water once a week during the warm months. It's easy! 

Succulents here I come. As for you, be sure to come to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle!

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