Thursday, February 23, 2017

Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2017: Shopping Mecca

There is far more than ferns and fertilizer at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. I will spotlight some great gifts in this post and offer you the online links to track them down. This magnificent show is over now, but you can mark Feb 11 on your calendar for next year.

I already regret not buying this adorable lavender sachet lamb at Pelindaba Lavender (Booth 1015) and plan on giving them a call to place an order. I love everything about it: it's a lamb; it smells like lavender; it would make a lovely gift. 
Swansons Nursery (Booth 1218) was loaded with beautiful plants, terrariums and home decor items this year. The stand out for me was this beautiful strand of glass orbs in various shade of green. Each strand was light and lovely. I stood and looked at it in awe, like the way I admire a new box of crayons. 
JohnBob Cool Junk (Booth 84 in Vintage Garden Market) had these charming heart sachets made from vintage linens. The world has gotten away from keeping sweet smelling sachets in their drawers, but its not too late. Lets make our lives lovely again. This is a great place to start. Do you know a bride? Give her one of these at her bridal shower.
Jessica Thompson Jewelry & Accessories (Booth 505) had two displays that I thought you should see. The beautiful turquoise pieces (above) and these happy print scarves (below). They are at the intersection of beautiful and interesting.
There was an artist at the show that made me stop and stare. I realized that I had seen her work before and confirmed that she has a booth at Pike Place Market - huzzah! Look at the magnificent glass beads made by Isisray (Booth 315).
She also makes shaped glass beads - who wouldn't love some vegetables?
I simply couldn't leave with out this floral bracelet and it became my first purchase at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show this year. I had her clasp it on my wrist and I showed it off to attendees all day. It looks wonderful with my ribbon watch!
This year's show was loaded with art. Pieces made in many different materials for a wide range of tastes. In addition to classic piece of garden art, there were paintings, rain gauges, bird houses and antique clocks. You will find hundreds of objects that could enhance your home and garden. 

Mark your calendars: Next year's Northwest Flower & Garden Show starts February 7-11, 2018.

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