Thursday, January 25, 2018

ANA Designs Inc.: Cigar Box Purses and a World of Delight

After moving across the country, I realize how important it is for me to be able to articulate my brand. I founded ANA in 2003 when I started making and selling purses made from original cigar boxes, lined with fabric, improved with a handle and feet and then signed and numbered. Each purse is finished with my clay ANA logo. They were received well right from the start and I had great success selling them in juried art shows across Michigan. As I started to travel more, I decided to move my store to Etsy (Anne Reeves on Etsy) online in order to reach more people and keep a nice inventory.

Today I wanted to tell you about my "customs stamp." (see above) I use it to signify that something has been stamped with my approval...literally a stamp that from my territory - a world where things have to be "Super Cute."

The cursive "I.K.I" in the center stands for "I'm Keeping It!" That is the yardstick I use to know when a design is ready to sell. When I find myself admiring the design and start thinking about keeping it, I know that it is "ready" and that my customers will love it. 

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