Sunday, January 28, 2018

Tropical Butterfly House: A Warm & Peaceful Escape

I have a suggestion for a great date. Take someone to the Tropical Butterfly House at the Pacific Science Center.  Dan and I were both downtown on Sunday for events and when we met up afterwards, I suggested that we stay downtown and visit the Tropical Butterfly House at the Pacific Science Center

I had seen a spotlight on the butterfly exhibit in Seattle Magazine last year and had told myself that it would be a great way to spend a rainy winter day. 

I was right! It was warm, humid, quiet and inspiring. The number of people allowed in the 4,000 sq ft greenhouse at any one time is closely monitored. I enjoyed hearing the children whisper and react in awe of these delicate flying wonders.
We found it to be very relaxing to sit on a wall and watch the flurry of activity in the air. The yellow bloom is a hibiscus and the cluster of coral is Crown of Thorns. The butterfly looks to be a Scarlet Peacock.
The room is warm, humid and well lit. An environment we could all benefit from in January.
I can't determine the name of this one from the butterfly chart, but look at that beautiful wingspan. 
 This monarch shows off wings that look like stained glass.
I believe this is a Paper Kite butterfly on a Jungle Flame blossom. See if you agree by reviewing this botanical chart.
There is a window displaying chrysalis as they develop. It gives both children and adults a glimpse at the wonder of development. When they are ready, those same butterflies are released into the Butterfly House each week. It is a lovely lesson about patience and metamorphosis. 

We spent about 45 minutes looking around and soaking it up. No rush. No music. It was the kind of educational vacation I needed. I highly recommend it. The Pacific Science Center itself looked wonderful. We were drawn to the replica of Puget Sound, complete with water levels and ink-highlighting currents. Time well spent, I say. Give yourself the gift of wandering a museum; taking time to think and consider will always be well spent.

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