Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The New Me: Lewis N. Clark Aluminum Wallet

I'd like to introduce you to a product that I am wild about, the Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Aluminum Wallet in orange (because it's a great color).

Occasionally a company will send me products to try out and review for my audience. My blog focuses on finding delight in everyday life. Everyone understands that if I don't enjoy the product, no one will ever hear about it. I only share what I feel could be valuable to my readers. Well...have I got a new wallet for you.

I was interested in this product for 2 reasons: 

#1 It offers RFID-blocking, which prevents criminals from scanning and copying credit card and identity information. I feel that this type of security is important in our data driven world.

#2 My cigar box purses are small and it can be a challenge to have a complete wallet fit in a small super cute bag. The dimensions of this wallet (4" x 2.5"!!) looked like a great option.

Okay, so I transferred my ID, credit cards and insurance cards into this sleek new wallet. I like that it clicks shut to close, which confirms the cards are secure. There is no room for cash or coins, but I don't like carrying cash or coins.

I moved it from my day bag to my pocket to just run into the grocery store.
Then at night, I move it to my cigar box purse (it fits!) to go out to dinner. 
The next day, I moved it from my cigar box purse to my coat pocket (my cell phone is in my other pocket) to run errands on the weekend.
And on and on...

I had everything that I needed in a wallet that fit wherever I put it. And my identity was protected from RFID scanners when I was out and about. I love the convenience of having a tiny wallet with me at all times, no matter how I choose to carry it. What I thought would be something I would use under certain circumstances has morphed into the only wallet I want to use. 
So, yea, I guess I like it. 

Happy New Me in the New Year.

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