Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Heritage Rose

One of my "Heritage" David Austin English Roses has 36 buds on it! Wahoo. The Garden Club came to check the progress of the plants yesterday. The consensus was that we should hold the garden walk "when the hydrangeas bloom." The garden walk is when the neighbors are issued hand-colored tickets and invited to walk around my yard. We serve brownies and lemonade and make a small speech about our mission to learn about plants. We welcome questions. The girls narrate the walk around the yard. I love these girls and to hear dahlia and nasturium tripping off their tongues makes me truely happy. We have a new rose bed this year and they have already memorized their names: McCartney, Whisper, Diana:Princess of Wales, Royal Ameythst, Remember Me & Secret. I'll post a picture of the new bed soon.

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