Monday, June 4, 2007

Market Day

On Saturday, my friend, Barb, and I went down to Detroit's Eastern Market. It was a perfect morning and with a wagon and a camera we made our way through display after display of flats of flowers, fresh produce and local bakery vendors. I bought some gorgeous tomatoes, stalks of rhubarb about 3 ft long (yes, I want more crisp!) and loads of blueberries. We stopped to contemplate our choices (Barb wanted some flats of flowers) and had cider and fresh donuts.
Oh happy day. We went to Barb's favorite spice store and as I checked out, I realized that I have a salt collection. I bought 2 beautiful containers for $1.99/each to display in my kitchen. Yes, display. I will probably never open them - I love graphics and often buy things for the packaging more than products. Anyway, with 2 more packages, I think what I have at home now constitues a collection.

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