Monday, September 15, 2014

Seattle: The Pink Door is a Hidden Treasure near Pikes Place Market

I love whenever I see "The Pink Door" on a Seattle Favorites list.  I think to myself how lucky we were to find it on our own.

My dinner at The Pink Door was purely by accident. It was my first-ever night in Seattle and while heading to Pikes Place Market right from the airport was what I wanted to do, I also wanted to eat.  We didn't see any sit down restaurants in our jet lag haze and while pizza at DeLaurenti is delicious, it just wasn't going to cut it.

We were in the heart of Pikes Place Market area and my husband walked into a 2-story open mall area (across from the flower stalls) and noticed people dining at tables at a second-story restaurant . We climbed the stairs (indoors) and came in the back door of The Pink Door. Thankfully, they had a table available in the dining room and suddenly we were sitting down to a romantic dinner for two.

It was spring and I ordered a dish that was celebrating the season: Lemon Asparagus risotto with a side of grilled shrimp. It was creamy and rich and citrusy and perfect. Dan loves lasagna and was very happy with their recipe. The ate every bite kind of happy.  The restaurant is cozy, has a wonderful menu and offers a lovely respite from the bustle of the market. We will be back.

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