Monday, April 27, 2015

Seattle: Pike Place Market: A Floral Corridor to Make You Swoon

Yes, it was pretty much the best day ever. I was back in Seattle with Dan and we had a Saturday all to ourselves.  Since flowers are my oxygen, we planned our day around a stop at Pike Place Market on the waterfront in Seattle.

I bought the bouquet above because I couldn't resist one last chance at pink tulips. The season was early here this year and I know that they are almost gone. Plus the bouquet had white lilacs and real pussy willow branches. I was holding the best of Spring in my arms.
The second bouquet I chose looked so completely French and fabulous that I couldn't resist it. Enormous orange/green parrot tulips (the size of water goblets!) and white/green parrot tulips with fresh greens and white/peach daffodils. This bouquet belongs in the finest French restaurant. Dramatic, yet believable, this arrangement had to come home with me.

There were bulk tulips for sale - typically $1 per stem
There were bouquets dedicated to every shade of purple... 
Some bouquets looked like bridal arrangements in pink and peach...
I just learned that Mother's Day Weekend is the Pike Place Market Flower Festival.  How could they possibly have more flowers than this? I can't wait to see. I'll be your eyes and ears and report back.

Mother Nature was showing off. Cameras rule along this floral corridor and it was fun to overhear the comments. My favorite was when a young woman exclaimed, " that a tulip?" pointing to a cluster of double tulips (aka peony tulips). The vendor and I said "Yes!" in unison.
When I am in a place like this I really have to use willpower. Not to resist buying too many flowers. No, I need willpower to keep myself from climbing behind the tables and helping the women make more bouquets. 

I can imagine the heady feeling of having buckets and buckets of tulips at my disposal and the day ahead of me to invent color and texture combinations to make people swoon.  

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