Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Seattle: Snoqualmie Falls and Plans for a Cozy Dessert

If you are on the east side of Seattle and are looking for a lovely spot to visit after dinner, may I suggest Snoqualmie Falls

This natural wonder has free parking and admittance from dawn till dusk. We drove over to see the falls and take a peek at the casual restaurant, The Attic at the famed Salish Lodge. We are planning on bringing guests to see the falls and thought that coffee and dessert in the famous Salish Lodge & Spa would be a nice ending to a busy day. It looks perfect; we will be back.
You can visit the official Snoqualmie Falls website to get directions and see a terrific video of the water spilling down 270 feet. It is breathtaking. We arrived around 7 o'clock on a Friday night and barely a handful of visitors were on the observation deck. This is the time of day I would like to show off the falls to visitors. The sun is setting and a warm glow lights up the mist off the falls (see below).

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