Monday, May 11, 2015

West Seattle Saturday: What A View

Our jumping off point for our big Saturday in West Seattle was lunch at Bakery Nouveau for some of their famed croissants. It was our first trip to their bakery and the line out the door told us we were at the right place. The staff worked quickly to accommodate their customers and it wasn't long before Dan was eating a turkey Havarti croissant sandwich and I was sinking into a traditional baguette with ham and Swiss. Yes, please. I also snagged a plain croissant for breakfast the next day. This beacon of French deliciousness will call us back again and again.
I had in my mind that I wanted to stop at the West Seattle Community Garage Sale. I love finding treasures at garage or rummage sales (remember my quest for vintage Pyrex?) and I felt that this would be a great way to get to know the area. I am new to Seattle and I want to get a sense of the different neighborhoods. Why not tour it when they are all on their driveways welcoming the crowds? It was a gorgeous day and after a few stops with no luck, I changed my game plan and concentrated on the scenery. When we rounded one corner, this was the view! Imagine mowing your lawn with a view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains in the background. Location location location.
We left the neighborhoods and parked near Alki Beach to enjoy the view. I stopped in Starbucks (2742 Alki Ave SW) for a latte and turned around after ordering to see this (above) - a bank of windows overlooking Puget Sound. I wouldn't have believed that you could have coffee in such prime real estate.
We walked across the street, walked until we found an empty bench. We sat and drank our coffees while we marveled at the view - the Olympic Mountains to our left, the city of Seattle and her Space Needle to the right, with kayaks and ferry traffic in between.  
Once we were back in our car and leaving, taking the slow drive along Alki Ave., I saw this building and insisted I be let out of the car. Dan found a place to pull over and I was able to photograph this beautiful example of two vines working in harmony: wisteria and clematis. Have you ever seen a more beautiful example of what can be done with vines and color? It is growing on an apartment building right on Alki Ave. This masterpiece only lasts about a month, I'd estimate, but what a month it is. Bravo.
A closer look at the striped clematis blooms and the coordinating wisteria clusters nearby.


Tracy @ WSB said...

Glad you had a great day over here. We know that West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day brings in people from all over (some from a few hours away, even). And every year (knock wood) the weather has been wonderfully sunny - NOT a given in Seattle before, oh, say the 4th of July!

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks, Tracy! You have a wonderful community event - congratulations.