Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sweet Pie of Mine: Cherries from Cherry Country

Like many of my peers, I have fallen in love with Pinterest and the endless posts about jam jars. I knew I couldn't let Summer end without attempting to make little cherry pies.

Aren't they beautiful?!

I used 3 Ball quilted jam jars (4 oz) and 4 larger Pyrex glass custard cups and my go-to cherry pie recipe. I baked them on a cookie sheet - 45 min at 350 degrees. It worked like a charm.

I did not grease the cups, but simply cut circles of Pillsbury pie crust and fit them into the bottom and sides of each container. Then I spooned in a nice amount of filling into each cup and then cut and arranged the extra pie crust pieces into a lattice or hearts.

I forgot to take a photo after they were baked because we ate them warm from the oven with vanilla ice cream!