Sunday, July 16, 2017

School Supplies: Driven By Color

I had to stop and show you this beautiful selection of solid color binders available at Target. I use binders filled with clear plastic sleeves to organize my magazine recipes and decorating or garden articles. I have used the same binders for years, but I am rethinking everything now that I have seen this selection. 

When I get back to Seattle, I am going to invest in a whole new set of of these binders to make my office shelf look tidy and professional. I need 8 or more, the question is, which color/colors should I use? Stay tuned...

October 2017:

Okay, by the time I flew back to Seattle, the oranges and yellows were sold out. I ended up buying various widths of the coral and solid white notebooks and I love it. I have them in our mudroom on the counter and each folder holds scores of magazine recipes in plastic 8x10 sleeves. I highly recommend managing your papers and ideas this way. Pinterest is fun but this is the kind of system that works for me.

My categories are:

Main Dish
Brunch & Appetizers
Betty Book (a melange of tips for the kitchen; folding napkins, making raspberry coulis)
Candy Making

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