Monday, July 31, 2017

Statement Necklace: Jewel Tone Buttons

A button can do more than hold things together. I want to make everyday objects more beautiful in the eye of the beholder. This is my colorful button necklace in my online Etsy shop. As I meet new people and make friends in Washington, I am learning how to articulate my brand and condense my world into a sound byte.

When I speak at a book signing, the audience doesn't realize that I made my purse and jewelry. When I deliver a cigar box purse to a customer, they often don't know that I have published 3 books. It's fun, in a way, because I can direct my comments and suggestions to the part of my business that interests them. 

But in an effort to expand my reach and build familiarity, I am going to bounce between topics a little more in the blog and be more flexible about information in "real time." 

Have you seen my Bobbin Necklaces? Did you know that I specialize in reasonable and preppy Ribbon Watches? I know, I need to speak up more, they're super cute!

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