Thursday, August 3, 2017

Edible Flowers in Ice Cubes

Finding Delight in everyday life means being on the lookout for pretty moments that you can appreciate...and share. The beauty in a stack of fresh lemons. The cute sticker your friend put on the envelope before she mailed it. Honestly, little things make me happy.

For example, these darling ice cubes I made with edible flowers. I found a package of fresh violet and pansy blossoms for $5 at a vegetable stand at the corner of Pike St and Pike Place (Frank's Quality Produce) in Pike Place Market.
The next time I come across a selection this grand, I hope to have time to make sugared flowers to decorate cupcakes. 

For this first attempt, I placed a flower in each compartment, and filled the ice cube tray with filtered water from my refrigerator. The floral ice cubes look beautiful, but some of the petals floated out of the ice and froze on top.

To improve the look of my ice cubes next time, I will definitely try the "boil water, then letting it cool" method (this is said to create clear ice). I will also try filling each cube only half way, placing a flower in and then freezing. Once frozen, I will fill the rest of the cube with water to truly lock the blossom in ice.

This version is still beautiful and I can't tell you how they jazzed up the lemonade when my friends came for dinner. 

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