Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Peony: Perfection in... late July!?

How on earth can there be peonies for sale at Pike Place Market in Seattle on July 29? How? In Michigan, the plant starts to bloom in May and all varieties are completely gone by late June.

My first thought is that these blooms must be flown in from Alaska. My second thought is that I can't believe I get to live in a place where peonies are available for sale in late July. Truly. 

Flowers are my thing and peonies are a favorite among favorites. 

Remember in 2008, when I blogged about saving peony buds and delaying their bloom for weeks with wax? Well, Alaska has made life so much easier for us!
On this same day in late July, the market had this beautiful selection of currants,
as well as bountiful flower bouquets. 

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