Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse in Seattle 2017: Sharing is Caring

It worked! My pinprick in tin foil shoe box contraption absolutely worked once it was lined up properly with the sun.

What's funny is that when I arrived at my husband's office building to meet him, I was early, so I started talking to a middle age man who was standing alone, looking up with solar eclipse glasses on. I walked up to him and casually said, "Anything happening yet?"

He replied, "Oh, yes! You can already see the crescent clearly."

Wha! I didn't think that would be possible 25 min before our "maximum" coverage point at 10:23 am.  I rushed to angle my box and I saw...nothing. "Oh my gosh, it doesn't work! I did something wrong!"

This kind man took off his glasses, offered them to me and said, "My mother always taught me to share." What a gentleman. I put on his glasses and saw the magnificent crescent he was talking about. We introduced ourselves and I declared that I was forever grateful to my new friend, Bob. 

My husband showed up a few minutes later and got my box to work (naturally) and was shown the same kindness by Bob and was able to experience the eclipse 3 ways: with Bob's glasses, my elementary project box and a pin hole in cardboard. It was great.
Pinhole in cardboard

Bob and I were sure that it felt colder (this Seattle Times article says that it officially dropped 5 degrees) and thought that these shadows seemed odd, but we couldn't describe why.
Thank you, Bob, for sharing this experience with us. Your company and generosity made "Seattle Solar Eclipse 2017" way more fun.

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