Monday, February 19, 2018

Connecting: Making Signs & Friends

I'm leading this post with my finished project, a stenciled sign I made at a Coffee Convo Craft event held at the Church on the Ridge. One of my new neighbors invited a bunch of us to come to this event and meet more people in the area. I think this type of evening is a terrific way to reach women in the community and based on the turnout, I'm sure they counted this as a success.
When we arrived, we checked in, received name tags and our table assignment and were encouraged to make a plate of snacks. Yes, please.
My favorite part of the beautiful snack table was that they had floral print straws to go into the beautiful cans of LaCroix sparkling water.
We had pre-selected and pre-paid for the sign we wanted to make. The choices ranged anywhere from custom signs with your last name, to bible quotes and fun slogans about coffee. I chose a sign with arrows.
The first step is to chose a stain, don your plastic gloves and rub the stain onto your wood sign using paper towel. I had always wanted to try staining wood, so this step alone was great (and easy). After the stain drys (20 min?), a coffee convo craft representative helps you to adhere your stencil onto the wood. I chose to tape off the silhouette of Washington state on my sign. I wanted to add stripes of colored "thread" to my arrows and I wanted to display my arrows flying horizontally. The Washington silhouette required it to be shown vertically. So I changed it. Always feel free to change a design to suit you.
I used painters tape to help delineate the lines for the colored thread. I dabbed on khaki paint to form the arrows first. Then I added color and filled things in. I love it! And look how many people were happily entranced with their project! There were at lease 60 women there. I was thoroughly impressed.
I met some women that live in my area; I explored a new craft; I started to feel at home. Thank you to Church on the Ridge, CoffeeConvoCraft and especially Valerie for asking me to join in on this fun night. I loved it.
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