Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Northwest Flower & Garden Show: GH Horticulture Creates Wonderful City Living Display Garden

I am so proud of my friend, Grace Hensley and her company GH Horticulture. She specializes in small space garden and container design (she is also an exceptional photographer) and this year she was chosen to design a City Living garden for the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival. Go Grace!
I swear that I had chosen her 6' x 12' display as my favorite long before I realized that it was hers. The soothing grays punctuated with black and softened with pink won me over. The City Living spaces are intended to give apartment dwellers inspiration and show them that small spaces can still boast big design ideas.
In order to trumpet the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival's 30th Anniversary, Grace designed around the word and color pearl. It is the Pearl Anniversary, you see. This camellia is Nuccio's Pearl. It was pale pink and gorgeous. If you'd like to read about Grace's process, check out her blog post about preparing for the show.
Three of my favorite elements from her display are in this photograph (above). Grace hung a magnificent natural shell wreath (I want!) on the front door and don't miss the Amazon package on the front mat just waiting for the busy Seattlite to come home from work.

She also added a fairy door to her vignette, complete with tiny beautiful containers. Sooo sweet!  Great job.

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