Sunday, August 19, 2018

Renee's Seeds Produced Bountiful Flowers

This is our second summer in a house east of Seattle and we are still trying to get a handle on our zone (8b). The wind/sun conditions on the front (sunny & hot) and back of the house (partial shade and windy) are like night and day. We are really loving the beauty of Washington and are having fun trying plants in different locations around our yard. Look at my "Climbing Phoenix" heirloom nasturtiums (above)! They were full, healthy and busting with blooms. 

After zig-zagging across the country this summer, I wanted to make sure to stop and highlight the magnificent results I had with Renee's Garden seeds.  
Since I knew that I would be traveling for 6 weeks over the summer, I decided to concentrate on growing just a few flowers from seed in a container. 

I planted the flowering seeds that Renee's Garden had generously sent me to try in peat pots (read all about it here) and transplanted them outside into a raised planter bed in mid-May.

Our deck is just off the kitchen, but stands a full story above the ground. Running down a flight of deck stairs every time I needed herbs & flowers for dinner, would not work, so we started looking for a container garden that would fit on our deck. 

I found a handsome elevated patio garden bed called the Keter Urban Bloomer at Home Depot (pictured with the nasturtiums above). It is the perfect height for tending and has a plug that I can open and drain off any standing water that is trapped inside the garden bed after a good rain. I love it.  
The "Grandma's Johnny Jump Ups" thrived in that container next to the nasturtiums and whenever I was in town, I would pick some blooms to add a cute touch to drinks, cheese trays and all-things edible. "Never Underestimate the Power of Cute," that's my motto, and Johnny Jump Ups are cute!  
And you must see the "Jewels of Albion" sweet peas that took my breath away. I was able to admire daily from my kitchen window and it will be my new "thing I always grow." They grew happily in a pot on my deck and clung to a classic black tuteur. They were everything I hoped they would be and I thank Renee's Garden for the opportunity to try them. I suggest you spoil yourself this summer and grow some too! 

I loved every part of the sweet process of growing flowers from seed. In the hustle bustle world we live in, I think we could all benefit from the pace of watching seedlings sprout and flourish. I know that from now on I will always grow a little something from seed.

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