Tuesday, January 28, 2020

2020 Northwest Flower & Garden Festival

Northwest Orchid Society display 2019

Have you found yourself standing wistfully in front of the grocery store floral department. Do you need some space to dream about nature? I am here to remind you that oxygen is on the way! The Northwest Flower and Garden Festival begins Wednesday, February 26 - Sunday, March 1 at the Washington State Convention Center. Mark your calendar, call your friends and make a plan. 

As a blogger who writes about the beauty of every day life, I love the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival because it showcases the best the industry has to offer. Horticulture, landscape and design professionals come together to show off their best work, dazzle the public, gain clients and wow the industry.  And you get to come admire their work. You will love walking among the Display Gardens - the scale is so big, it's easy to forget that you're indoors. 
 Nature Perfect Landscape & Design 2019/Dragon by Jeffro Uitto
Wherever you are in your action plan, the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival has your next step. You can go to be inspired or arrive with a list to start bringing a plan to life. There are nurseries selling flowering shrubs. Vendors selling garden tubs. You can think about color, texture, shade, spacing, fragrance...whatever your space requires.  

Perhaps you would like to carve out a space to entertain more often. You can consider just about anything to make an outdoor living room more cohesive. Come wander around the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival and take notes, I know you will be delighted and inspired. #

Designs by deLeuw 2019

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