Thursday, October 13, 2022

Lemon Slice Citrus Cookies

We have a contender! Have you been searching for an elegant and delicious lemon enough lemon cookie? I've found the winner.

And when you see how darling they are, you're interested, right? These are made with Nordic Ware citrus cookie stamps, using the recipe on the box, which technically uses lime but I swapped throughout for lemon. These cookies are so very good. 

My dear friend Amy gave me these for Christmas last year and said she bought them with the hope that we could make them together. Now I think that is wonderful. We went out to dinner at Saints & Scholars Pub first and then we came to my house to bake and glaze the cookies. I'd made the cookie dough ahead of time to give us a head start.

It was such a fun night and although it took us a few tries to get the dough to release from the cookie stamp, we got a whole batch successfully on the trays (we decided that the whole lemon slice was the most effective design) and they baked in no time. We decided to glaze each cookie on the back to make sure we preserved the perfect design on the front. 

This recipe is going to go in my "perfect" recipe folder - I loved the tender crumb and sharp lemon icing.

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