Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Figs by Todd English

This winter, I was walking through Macy's (in Palm Beach Gardens) when I stopped at a display of cookbooks & menus for a new restaurant called Figs. It only took a moment for me to put it all together. "Todd English has a restaurant at Macy's?!" I couldn't believe it.

From the dark wood interior to the stemless water glasses, Figs literally takes you out of the mall and into a space dedicated to delicious food. While Todd English is a chef known for his "rustic Mediterranean" style, the whole mood of the restaurant is actually quite Pottery Barn. I really liked it.

My lunch was a cup of (made-to-order) tomato soup served with crusty bread and a warm bacon & spinach salad. I can assure you, I ate every bite.


MmeBenaut said...

Delicious! I would have eaten every bite too!

Anne Reeves said...

Such a fun discovery!

LillyB said...

Sounds wonderful!