Friday, May 15, 2009

Paris: Opera

Yes, yes, going to the ballet is lovely. But why did I insist on stopping at the Paris Opera?

I wanted honey!

That's right, a little birdie told me that bees are kept on the roof of the Opera National de Paris building and that the resulting honey is sold in a boutique in the lobby. Seriously? Does anyone know this? I can't think of anything more wonderful than honey made from the flowers in and around Paris.

I found and bought a pretty little jar and I can't wait to try it! Short & Sweet.


Bettina said...

Thanks for sharing your Paris memoirs with us, Anne. Love your photos. They makes me want to go back to Paris right away.
I never heard of these bees before, very interesting. I'll buy some of this honey on my next trip. That would make great presents too.

Anne Reeves said...

I know! Neat, eh?