Friday, May 22, 2009

Paris: Petit Dejeuner

Now that you know me, how do you think I felt about this? I was that kid with her nose pressed against the glass - seriously. This little refrigerator magnet depicting a traditional "petit dejeuner" stole my heart. Which would be fine except that I saw it in a shop window (well after ten o'clock at night) and never made it back to buy it! But lo & behold the powers of the internet, I found it online here! Did you notice the little Bonne Maman jam jar? Adorable.


Patricia said...

Oh what a cute fridge-magnet, I´d love one too... =)

Have a nice weekend!

LillyB said...

How cute!! Yes, I knew instantly you would like this! Hope you get one for your refrigerator!!

Kimmers said...

That does it! If you dont get one for yourself, I'm getting one for your b'day.

Could you pop the magnet off and put it on the bed in the dollhouse?