Friday, May 15, 2009

Paris: Quiet Spaces

When I started planning our trip, I came across a book called, Quiet Corners of Paris by Jean-Christophe Napias. My sweet in-laws sent it to me for Christmas and I am so glad they did. It highlights gardens, walkways and quiet spaces that you can visit (usually free of charge) and hear yourself think.

Although this trip was jam-packed, I knew that I could fit in this "quiet space" as it was near our hotel in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Pres. The garden at Musee Eugene-Delacroix is a lovely spot where the crunch of your feet on the gravel is the only sound you hear.

I knew that the hustle-bustle of the Paris was just behind these walls, but the sound was dampened somehow. I sat for a moment in this garden and simply breathed.


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Hey Anne! How is Paris treating you? This garden looks like the best spot to think about all of the things you've done!
I think our favorite part would be the crunch of the gravel!
Have a super day!

Seeking Sabbath said...

Dear Parisian Ex Patriot !
It is so fun to 'take deiight' in logging on each morning to find out what delights you are discovering in the City of Lights . .. all of us back in the States enjoy reading of your travels through a fabulous city . . . thank you.

MmeBenaut said...

It is essential to stop and catch one's breath occasionally in a city like Paris, Anne and this looks like a gorgeous spot.

♥ E.T. Suzy ♥ said...

I have this book!! It's wonderful.