Thursday, May 28, 2009

Paris: Jambon et Fromage

Some of the first few words you need to learn in French are "jambon" (ham) and "fromage" (cheese). A staple sandwich from cafes to food carts, they are always fresh and delicious. My tradition is to buy a jambon et fromage sandwich from a vendor and eat it on the steps of Sacre Coeur. I can "take in" the spectacular view and truly feel like I am living in Paris. Magnifique!


Patricia said...

Oh the sandwiches look delicious!!!
And to ad your language skils... Jambon/Ham = Skinka
Fromage/Cheese = Ost
in Swedish... =)

Enjoy! =)

Have a nice day!

Karna said...

Paris is lovley, have to take a trip in the spring....Have a nice weekend!

Anne Reeves said...

Cute, Patricia! Thanks

Have a great weekend, Karna!

MmeBenaut said...

This is a very enticing photo Anne and interesting in that the bread appears to be Turkish rather than the traditional baguette. Interesting too how the English word, pronounced "sondwidge" by the French, has been adopted. Like "Le Weekend" and "Le Shopping".