Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Preparations

I love Christmas and I thought I would explain my approach to preparing for the holidays.

This system has worked for me for years and I thought it might help you to make the most out of the next 33 days. I think of everything in terms of whether it is: Visual, Edible or Givable. I realized long ago that taking care of the visual part of the holidays first always makes things run smoothly.

When the house is decorated, I am ready for unexpected guests, I can have neighbors over for a cup of tea, I can step in and "host" something if plans go awry. I do not bake, or shop or experiment in the kitchen during this first phase. If it doesn't get me closer to a decorated house, I don't do it. This time is dedicated to making the holidays beautiful. These few days go quickly and then I can sit back and enjoy the atmosphere.

So this week I will be posting some visual touches for the holidays. Think of me covered in glitter, dotted with glue and happy as a clam.

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MmeBenaut said...

OMG; I'm so slow off the mark this year because of my trip away. I have a table full of gifts ready to wrap but no name tags so I can't start yet and I have to go out into the garden and fine a little tree ... I wish I'd started in November ... I have only one week to go.