Thursday, November 19, 2009

Touches of Green

As the cold weather approaches, I shift my garden plan indoors. I think touches of green can do so much for the design of a room and I try to have a living plant in every room on the first floor.

But now that Christmas is coming, I am on the hunt for one of my favorite green touches...a rosemary tree!

I like to have a big one next to the sink in my kitchen. It smells like heaven, mimics the look of a Christmas tree and is fabulous in marinades! What more could a girl want?

This photo is of a gorgeous shop called Boxwoods Garden & Gifts. If I lived in Atlanta, I know that
a good portion of my Visa bill would read Boxwoods each month.
I literally wanted everything in this greenhouse! This garden mecca would have a rosemary tree for sure. Where is your favorite greenhouse?


LillyB said...

My mother has the green thumb in our family. She rescues the plants I try so hard not to kill! And they flourish at her home! At least I have her cooking skills!!

Anne Reeves said...

Maybe you need an orchid, Lilly. Once a week you place 3 ice cubes on the moss - that is it!