Thursday, November 5, 2009

Designer Matches

Looking for a little "wow-factor" in your living room? Cover your own box of large kitchen matches and have the prettiest accent ever.

I used
Sobo glue to attach lime green faux crocodile paper to the box. After the glue had dried, carefully use an X-acto knife to trim the extra paper off. I chose a flat gem set from the jewelry section of the craft store (you may need to cut off the attachment loop on the back with needle nose pliers so that it will lay flat - this particular piece was already flat.) Use Gem-Tac to attach gem set to the top of the box. So pretty, right?

When you are shopping for the gem set, start thinking about the holidays. If you find the perfect combination of paper and stones - get enough to make three! They make a unique hostess or teacher gift.

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LillyB said...

I looovvee this!! Beautiful!!