Saturday, November 21, 2009

Swedish Christmas Fair 2009

Oh happy day! I just got back from a Swedish Christmas Fair. I walked through the doors and was greeted with a "God Jul!" and a cup of glogg with almonds & raisins. Now that is how I want to start a Saturday.

My Mom & I made fast friends with a table of ladies and talked about Swedish baking and such while we snacked on the plate above (Drommar Dreams, Rye Logs and Cardamom Rolls). The smorgas (open face) sandwich had meatballs on a bed of beet/dill/apple/leek salad over limpa (caraway/rye/fennel) bread. Yum!

We browsed the collection of Swedish dishtowels & decorations for sale, scanned the selection of food items (they had my Swedish Pearl Sugar!) and left with a bag full of homemade Swedish baked goods. Right now I am eating a vanilla-butter taffy called smorkola this is so good I want to book my flight to Sweden right now! I started with a bag of 7 hand-wrapped pieces and there are only 4 left! I love Swedish Sweets!

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LillyB said...

These look delicious!!