Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Swedish Almond Cake

Last year, after blogging about my trip to the Swedish American museum in Andersonville, Illinois, a reader wrote a comment to tell me about a cake pan & recipe for Swedish Almond Cake that she was sure I would like.
Later that Summer, when I saw that very cake pan in a little Swedish gift shop, I snapped it up. This week was its maiden voyage into my oven and what a success! I sprinkled Lars Own Swedish Pearl Sugar on it for a finishing touch.
This cake is light and sweet with chewy edges - yum! Where has almond cake been all my life?
Thank you, "Ann G" for opening up my eyes!


Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

That looks really yummy, Anne! I've never heard of that finishing sugar, but it sure is pretty!

LillyB said...

It looks delicious!!

AnnG said...

Anne you have shared so many wonderful things on your blog, the least I could do was to tell you about something I knew about. So glad that you like the almond cake and pan. Thanks, Ann G.

Anonymous said...

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