Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2009 Garden Walk

Can you believe that this was the Roseglen Garden Club's 5th Annual Garden Walk?

We started this wonderful tradition when the neighbor girls were just 5, 7 and 7-years old. One afternoon, I was teaching the girls some plant names (Snapdragon was a favorite) and having them touch and smell all the flowers, when one of the girls looked at me seriously and said, "Mrs. Reeves, I think people would pay for this."

So cute! I explained the idea of a Garden Walk and how communities often offer free events in the name of education. "We" had a berry garden, herbs, roses and flowers..."we" could teach people all about them.

I told them that we could host a Garden Walk if they made and handed out tickets to the neighbors. I would pick a date with their mothers and provide the brownies and lemonade.

Fast-forward 5 years and imagine our seasoned garden club members (age 10, 12, 12) pointing out the nasturtiums, identifying a few roses by name and "asking after" the Bleeding Heart. That is success, my friends. These girls will love gardens forever.

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