Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Growing Sweet Peas

When I was in college, I had a Laura Ashley bedspread in a pattern called "Sweet Pea." 

The background was white and it had red, pink and periwinkle blossoms growing up it. My bed was so fresh and pretty - I have loved sweet peas ever since.

So this year, I bought a tiny sweet pea vine and planted it in a pot on the patio. I thought a little vertical interest would be pretty and I was hoping to enjoy some of my favorite blooms from long ago. It worked! The vine has been blooming steadily for weeks.

What took me completely by surprise? After the bloom fades, an actual pea grows! Who knew?


LillyB said...

That is really cool! I never knew that about the pea!
Made me smile!!

MmeBenaut said...

aha - snow peas?

Anne Reeves said...

Well, the vine is called a "Sweet Pea' but, yes, it looks just like a snow pea. So cute!