Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lemon Knots

I saw a jar of lemon knots (on sale) at my local Williams-Sonoma and was intrigued. They were really pretty and I thought that (in addition to their main use as a cocktail twist) they would add a lot to a cup of tea or a glass of lemonade.

Later, when I tried to look them up online, I couldn't find them. It must have been a limited edition item. So...I made some myself!

I cut inch-wide strips of lemon peel off of the lemon. Cut that piece into 4 narrow strips and tied each in a knot. Any pieces that broke or were too small, ended up in a small jar of sugar for baking (blueberry muffins with lemon sugar!).

I made a batch of simple syrup, allowed it to cool, then poured it into a jam jar with the lemon twists. I am going to store the jar in the refrigerator. When I make hot cranberry glogg later this week, I will drop a lemon twist in each mug!

I think this would be a pretty and inexpensive hostess gift. What do you think?


kerkatrob said...

Oh Anne Reeves! Your posts never disappoint!! Not only are the lemon knots a great idea, but your idea of using your "castoffs" in order to flavor your sugar is brilliant! THIS is why I love reading Moments of Delight EVERYDAY!

Anne Reeves said...

Ohhh...you are making me very happy. Thank you so much for shining delight right back at me!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was also intrigued by those lemon knots--for a gift for my stepfather who loves scotch. I can't find them in the South Bay CA stores any longer either. I may just try your alternative! Thanks!