Friday, April 16, 2010

Magnolia Bouquet

Who is lucky enough to have magnolias for a flower arrangement? Me! My neighbor (Thanks, Phyllis!) has the perfect tree in her front yard and lets me pick freely.

There are only a few days a year when you can even hope to make an arrangement of magnolias and today was the day.

I took this darling antique sugar bowl and filled it with a few pristine magnolias and some Bradford Pear blooms (Note: Bradford Pear blossoms do not smell good. The photograph keeps the secret, but if you want to make an arrangement with magnolias for indoors, use a different accent flower).

This sugar bowl is the one that I found at the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio last year! (FYI: Mark your calendar. This year's Fair is September 25/25/26 ). Have you ever made a flower arrangement in a sugar bowl? You should try it!


Kimmers said...

Oh, Anne! Our magnolia is also in full bloom today. And once again, you've taught me something about flower arrangements - I had no idea I could make a bouquet of those magnolia blossoms. (Just like I didnt think to make a peony bouquet.)
I also loved your honesty about the bradford pear smell. LOL! Maybe I'll just use greens, because nothing else delicate and white is blooming in my yard...

Anne Reeves said...

I am so glad you are making a flower arrangement! Someday the kids will start throwing around flower names like it is nothing!

Karen said...

May the day bring brightness and glory to the ever growing - ever approaching Spring.....Blessings to you, Dear Anne!