Monday, March 5, 2012

Mount Vernon - Wow

Virginia is on my mind.  I have booked a trip to visit friends in Richmond this Spring and doing so has me recalling a glorious day trip to Mount Vernon, George Washington's home.   

When I was there in 2009, I blogged about it here (3 posts will appear when you click).  The photos and musings were from outside Mount Vernon, because photography is not allowed indoors to protect the antiques.
I was able to take this photo of the kitchen (see it here on the estate map) because in those days kitchen were built in separate buildings to protect the main house from kitchen fires.

Have you ever been to Mount Vernon?  What made me say Wow! in my blog title is the improvements to their new website.  Now anyone can "visit" Mount Vernon and take a virtual tour!  It is fantastic.  I want you to click the links and tour 2 specific areas: the small dining room on the first floor and the cupola on the third floor.

Okay, first I wanted to show you the small dining room with the striking green paint.  Can't you see yourself eating a roast beef and potatoes in here?  "Please pass the gravy, Mr. President."

The other must-see area is on the top floor - you can see the 360 degree view from the rooftop cupola.  Why, yes, that is the Potomac!  It boggles the mind that you can "see" the view exactly as George Washington could see it.  Well, the trees are taller, but still. Beautiful. 

Click around this exceptional feature and see for yourself.  Enjoy!


Elaine said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Mt. Vernon and have talked with friends who have and they say it is so memorable. I have bookmarked the site so I can take the virtual tour. Thank you for sharing it.

Anne Reeves said...

You are welcome, Elaine! I love when technology makes the world better - it really looks exactly like the camera shows. Lovely!